About Us

If the original elixir of life – thought to extend man’s longevity into infinity – was discovered in modern times, the news would rocket around the globe at the speed of light. Newspapers, Internet News sites and reporters everywhere would be clamouring for the story. In today’s global village, the world is more focused than ever on exchanging information and keeping people up with everything that is happening.

Our blog post sunpostweekly.com is dedicated to keeping you informed. Not only about the latest developments on the world stage and the corridors of power, but also on what is happening right outside your front door.

With this objective, we invite articles and blogs on anything that you feel should be shared with others. It may be stories of compassion experienced firsthand or an event that you feel should be brought to the notice of others. Through an open and unbiased stage, the general public can bring forth problems or even their thoughts on current events and justice. We believe in the freedom of the press, any form of news is welcome. If you feel it should be shared, we will bring it to the centre stage.

News is as two way street, give us your opinions on earth shattering events, presidential elections, sports personalities and business or market trends, both commodities, shares and securities. What we value greatly is your views on events, not merely in a news format but also a through in-depth analysis.

That is what makes us different from the other run of the mill news online blogs.