SunPostWeekly is an independent blog run by a few guys from the middle of nowhere to prove themselves right and share their thoughts in a matter that is censorship-free. Our current society has become too limited and contained to a handful of ideas and social norms that everybody must follow. We are not about that. We are about sharing our thoughts freely regardless of the consequences, regardless of what happens.

We aim to inform people through our content and help build a better internet. If we, the free people using these online services don’t stand up and speak for ourselves, no one’s going to. This is our internet and we have to claim it back. To some extent, past the news narrative, blogging and reporting, this is what we are about, freedom, and speaking our mind freely.

We’re trying to convey this narrative through our articles, regardless if they are written by one of our staff writers, a contributor, or even a sponsor. We believe in standing up for ourselves and sharing or agenda freely. If you resonate with our words, feel free to get in contact as we’re opened to all kinds of collaborations. We like to interact with people so don’t hesitate to send us an email, regardless if it’s a thank you to us, or an opportunity.