Effective Ways to Manage your Instagram

Manage your Instagram

Effective Ways to Manage your Instagram

Managing your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts in one day can be quite frustrating. Not only is it time-consuming but it also drains your energy. Time and priority management should be on top of your list. What better way to do this than to learn how to manage your Instagram account more effectively.

Strategizing is key

If you want to promote your business on Instagram, you should formulate a more strategic approach to maximize your time and effort. Otherwise, you might end up spending an entire day trying to figure out what to do with your account.

Here are some tips on how to manage your Instagram the best way possible.

Plan and schedule your posts.

Creating a content calendar can save you hours. This will help you plot and identify the type of content you want to use.

A monthly plan can help you determine the most feasible time and day to post your photos or videos. This also allows you to do your research ahead. You can write better captions and hashtags to go with your posts.

Your followers will expect you to upload content on a regular basis. 

Consistency is important if you want to keep your audience interested and engaged. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t come with a scheduling feature. However, there are tons of tools readily available to help you schedule your posts.

Integrate multiple accounts.

If you are managing multiple accounts on Instagram, you can easily streamline your profiles without having to log in and out from each account. This allows you to easily access different profiles most conveniently.

To add your account, all you need to do is enter the username and password you want to incorporate. Afterward, you’ll be able to receive notifications. However, you still need to switch between accounts to check each profile.

Repost relevant content. There are apps to help you repost your favorite photos more efficiently.

You can easily share related content to your product or service while giving credit to the original owner of the post. This way, you won’t have to search, download and produce your own content. You can also search for industry-related posts by keying in relevant hashtags.

Once your number of views shoots up, users will start liking your posts more and become more interested in what you are sharing in your feed.

Checking On Your Competitors.

Check your competition. The fastest way to check your competition is to utilize discovery tools. There are free apps to help you find industry-related brands based on location.

This is a great way to monitor your competitors, their activities, and how effective their efforts are. You can also view the most popular posts to give you an idea of what attracts most users. This way, you can create your campaigns to make it more interesting to your audience.

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