Inspiring Light Bulb Moments

Inspiring Light Bulb Moments

Inspiring Light Bulb Moments

Fun and educational. Museums always have a knack for combining these two ingredients and turning their exhibits into powerful learning opportunities for the students who visit them. Who knows how many kids will experience “light bulb moments” after witnessing something at a museum that inspires them to pursue a specific educational path – maybe one that leads to them inventing the next big thing?

A contribution by the Texas Instruments (TI) Foundation will bring students in North Texas schools one step closer to having their own STEM learning light bulb moments.

Last week, the TI Foundation announced a $4.4-million contribution to the Museum of Nature and Science resulting in the naming of a new Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall, which will be part of the new Perot Museum of Nature & Science.

TI Foundation Chairman Sam Self said that TI is excited about the “fun and educational experiences” that the Innovation Hall will bring to students and that a goal is to “introduce more children to engineering and to inspire innovation” and to create “light bulb moments.”

The 5,500-square-foot gallery will feature experiences and interactive exhibits exploring the art and science of problem-solving using engineering and technology. The Hall will also highlight the many exciting careers in engineering and showcase local companies and universities that innovate and inspire.

It’s fun to imagine the students who will visit this Innovation Hall – and which one may be inspired by the exhibits to grow up to be the next generation’s Jack Kilby, the Nobel Prize laureate who invented the integrated circuit while working for TI. Who knows how her STEM learning experience will revolutionize some important aspects of our world?

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