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Points to Consider Before Choosing A Tree Care Agency

If you are looking for a tree care agency for some minor work in your garden like trimming and pruning or a major activity like tree and stump removal, always hire an agency after careful research and thought. You have to get quotes but that does not reflect the real picture of the work that you might expect. For example, if you have got two quotes for tree removal in your garden, do not reject the higher priced one. Look first at what is offered. The lower quoted one might offer to fell a tree but the other might offer to bring the tree down limb by limb. This is preferable as it will not cause damage to your property.

The point then is – it is not the quote that is the final defining factor in choosing a right tree care agency. Here are a few points that you should consider before hiring a company for your work.

  • License and insurance – Hire agencies that are licensed and insured. Without workers compensation insurance you will be liable for any accident that happens on your premises apart from paying for the cost of repairs. Check for certificates of insurance before allotting the work.
  • Reputation – Research on the reputation that the company has in your community. You can also check the website of the company for certifications and accreditations as well as testimonials from previous customers. Ask for references and do not be afraid to call them for verification.
  • Multiple estimates – The only way to know if the price quoted by an agency is too high or low is to get multiple estimates from different tree care agencies – at least three of them. Later talk to the representatives personally to judge their professionalism and expertise.
  • Be cautious after a disaster – After a natural disaster, you will find amateur and ill-trained handymen coming in droves wanting to tend your garden or clear it of uprooted trees. Their rates too will be minimal. But never fall such handyman. Wait for a while and hire reputed agencies as these people may cause further damage to your property with their poor quality of work.
  • Pay after completion – Pay the full contracted amount only after the work has been completed and you are satisfied with the job. Do not make ad-hoc payments, especially to agencies that have come to your doorstep with an offer of services. You will be in a fix if they do not turn up the next day to complete the work.

Follow these simple guidelines for hiring a good and reputed tree care agency.

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