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The Most Effective Home Security Apps for 2017 and Further Expectations

The world today is under increasing threat scenarios both in the commercial and domestic environments. For the former, it is not only about burglaries and theft, the possibility of data theft and hacking of sensitive classified business information also looms large. In the home arena of course it is only about thefts and break-ins. While such possibilities have existed over decades it is only in recent times that cutting edge advancements in technologies have been put to use to protect home and office. Sophisticated home alarm systems in Melbourne or wherever you may be living have helped increase protection levels in domestic settings.

The huge boom in Internet enabled hand held devices such as smart phones has given rise to a new dimension in home security that did not exist even a few years ago. It is home automation systems where specific apps downloaded on your hand set offers tight control and monitoring of what is happening at your home in your absence. Today, there are apps that give you an extra layer of safety in addition to your existing security systems because simply by tracking your interiors it is possible to take immediate action against any untoward incident.

Some of the most effective home security apps for 2017 are listed below though in no particular order.

  • Alfred – Remember Alfred? He is the butler of Batman in charge of security of the estate. This app performs the same function in your home too. This app runs on Android platform and is very user-friendly without any signup and login. Simply download on your phone and it is ready for use. If you have an old smart phone lying around your home, this is the app for you. The second phone acts as the camera and you can monitor all activities in your room from a remote location. There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive CCTV cameras and recorders. Alfred has to be downloaded on both phones with one acting as the viewer and the other as the camera.

A notable feature of the app is that it has motion detection capabilities and sends you snapshots when movement is detected. Make a start to setting up a home security system with Alfred.

  • Reolink – This is an app that is meant for IOS devices and can be downloaded from App Store. It works with its own camera system and is a powerful complement to home security systems. It helps to monitor your home both internally and externally within the visual range of the cameras, all in real time. The highpoint of this app is its user friendly interface. It has motion detection capabilities and very clear 4 MP HD transmissions. However, it is only compatible with Reolink range of cameras.

  • iSentry – This app also runs on IOS and helps to keep an eye on your home while you are away on business or vacation. It allows users to receive videos or photos on their laptops or desktops whenever any out of the ordinary movement is detected by security cameras in the house. An advantage is that the app works well with any web camera. However the con is that it stops working when the laptop is in sleep mode.

There are many other apps of similar nature but with passing time, home security apps are taking on new dimensions. Already in use are apps that can help switch on lights and air conditioners and keep an eye on the elderly and children on video phones, all from remote locations. For more on home security systems and apps, get in touch with One-Tech Security in Melbourne.

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