Top 5 Cities for New Science Jobs

Top 5 Cities for New Science Jobs

Top 5 Cities for New Science Jobs

Nationwide, jobs in science haven’t seen the sharp decline followed by spectacular growth that has characterized, say, jobs in computing since 2001. Instead, they have made sober and steady gains, rising almost 16 percent since 2001 and five percent since 2009.
Some metro has seen far faster growth, however. If you’re interested in a job in science, you might want to keep your eye on these five cities:

5. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh downtown

This is the second time Raleigh finds itself in one of our Top 5 lists. That shouldn’t surprise us. As the home of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Raleigh is a national hub for science and technology. 

Still, it has strengthened its position since 2009, with the number of science jobs growing 12 percent, far faster than the national average. Science jobs in the area have shot up more than 34 percent since 2001.

4. San Jose-Sunnyvale, California

San Jose at night

San Jose is well known as a  mecca for young tech superstars, but it’s also a center for science jobs. It doesn’t boast quite the same concentration of such jobs as Raleigh does, but science jobs grew at a slightly faster clip since 2009: 13 percent. 

One major driver of growth may be the Silicon Valley biotech industry, which has rebounded in recent years. This is a turnaround story for San Jose, which saw science jobs decline by nearly five percent between 2001 and 2009.

3. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

San Francisco has been called the “birthplace” of biotech, with major engines of biotech innovation such as Stanford and Berkeley in its backyard.
It’s good news for the industry as a whole that science jobs have grown in San Francisco area—16 percent since 2009. In fact, the area has held its own throughout the recession, with science jobs growing nearly 48 percent since 2001.

2. San Diego, California

San Diego

Former President Bill Clinton gave the city major props when he declared in 2012 that it had become “the human genome research capital in America.” Work in the human genome may be one reason why, over the past five years, the San Diego area has actually outpaced San Francisco in the concentration of science jobs. 

In fact, science jobs in the area grew a stunning 26 percent over the past five years, making San Diego one of the nation’s major destinations for people seeking science careers. Science jobs in San Diego have grown by almost 43 percent since 2001.  

1. Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines capitol

Des Moines, Iowa might seem out of place in this top 5 list, and it certainly stands out as an unlikely candidate for the top spot. Yet the Des Moines area has earned the number one position for the eye-popping 31 percent increase in science jobs since 2009 and almost 53 percent since 2001. 

While Des Moines is not about to eclipse San Diego, it is beginning to punch far above its weight as a center for jobs in science. The area probably owes its growth to rising investments in agriscience by government and companies such as CTEq member DuPont. In October, CTEq also named Des Moines a top 5 city for new engineering jobs. Not bad for a city in America’s breadbasket.

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